Welcome to the CrankyCog!

by Grumpy on August 28, 2013

Ok, now that you’re here why not sit back and take a look around. Perhaps you’ll find something of interest. Now for all you triathletes that stumbled upon me, sorry, but this is not that type of blog. While I do love to be active, the crankycog just isn’t going to focus on bicycles…. Ok, so who am I? […]


Social Media, the Antithesis of Being Sentient.

by Grumpy on January 17, 2014

I am social, therefore I am. This seems to be a predominating theme in today’s society given our addiction to all things social within the online world. Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, leader boards, chat rooms, online multiplayer games, virtual worlds, and on & on. Social Media, however seems to be the antithesis of what being social […]


How much for that shiny new cog in the window?

by Grumpy on September 24, 2013

Hello All, So for today’s post I’d like to talk about value. Why you might ask, well to put it bluntly I believe our value system is all screwed up. Ponder this if you will, you wake up for work & rush out the door as you’re late for work. On your way to the […]


Rising the corporate ladder, a dead dream?

by Grumpy on August 28, 2013

Hello all, well as you may have guessed today I would like to impart on you my thoughts about corporate America as I see it. Now, why would you listen to me, who am I to give advice? Well, without getting into specifics I’ve worked as an engineer for the last 20+ years. I’ve worked […]