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by Grumpy on August 28, 2013

Ok, now that you’re here why not sit back and take a look around. Perhaps you’ll find something of interest. Now for all you triathletes that stumbled upon me, sorry, but this is not that type of blog. While I do love to be active, the crankycog just isn’t going to focus on bicycles….

Ok, so who am I? Well let’s see I’m a husband, a father, a swimmer, an entrepreneur, an employee, a techno-geek and a productive member of our society. Lastly I’m a friend and someone who has a few thoughts to share and get opinions about. So you may be thinking why the anonymity? Well let’s face it even though I’m part of the good ‘ole USA & we have the first amendment stating that we have freedom of speech that doesn’t mean that there aren’t repercussions to using that right. Thus this blog, I’ve been toying with this idea for a while & wanted a place where I could share my experiences and perhaps impart some wisdom and not have to worry about what Jerry next door is going to think or if my boss is reading this etc. Heck he may even be reading, but by staying anonymous I believe it will  help reduce biased opinions & hopefully keep me out of hot water.  ;-p

So the blogs format. For now I plan on making a few posts and leaving the comments section open to get feedback and opinions. Now with that in mind please understand this blog is not a democracy but more like parenting, It’s a benevolent dictatorship. I just want to share my ideas and hear back from you to hopefully make this little corner of the Internet a place for worthwhile discussions and a place where we can share life’s little lessons.

With that I invite you to come in and read my first post “Rising the corporate ladder, a dead dream?”

Enjoy & drop us a line!

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